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Water treadmill for exercising horses

Water Treadmills for Exercising Horses

Water treadmills for exercising horses were developed to help equine athletes achieve peak performance. In equine rehab centers for equine rehabilitation due to an injury or preparing for the performance of a lifetime, water treadmills for exercising horses is the answer!

Both veterinarians and trainers have discovered the benefits of aquatic therapy for equine rehabilitation and conditioning. The water treadmill for exercising horses unites two powerful tools to achieve accelerated conditioning: the natural properties of water and hydrokinetic exercise in a user controlled environment. The natural properties of water: buoyancy, high resistance, hydrostatic pressure and its thermal effect have unparalleled therapeutic benefits that have been utilized for centuries. Hydrokinetic exercise is facilitated by using the horse's own natural movement on a non-slip, solid surface water treadmill.

The water treadmill for exercising horses workout is unparalleled for equine rehabilitation and conditioning. Horses and ponies are encouraged to use the same muscles, ligaments and tendons that are employed in traditional land-based exercise but without the stress and trauma. The water treadmill workouts at Circle Back Farm are carefully calibrated to each horse's needs.

There are many benefits to the water treadmill for exercising horses:

  • Reduced weigh bearing of 40-60%
  • Reduced impact on limbs
  • Soft tissue mobilization
  • Modulation and reduction of pain
  • Joint decompression
  • Reduction of friction between articulating joints
  • Hydrostatic pressure to assist blood and reduce swelling

Therapeutic sessions in the water treadmill can be fully customized to each horse or pony through variable water heights, variable treadmill speeds and variable water temperatures. The clear viewing panels on the front, back and side allow the user to observe the horse's movement as well as provide a convenient walk-through for loading and unloading in the water treadmill unit.

Dr. Belsito personally supervises each horse as it works out in the water treadmill. Most horses adapt quickly and show no signs of stress. Equine rehabilitation patients can be brought in or boarded at the farm. The boarding program includes customized nutrition for healing and conditioning. Your equine rehabilitation schedule will be aggressive to produce results without stressing your horse. Our equine rehab center staff is well trained and english speaking. Your entire equine rehabilitation team will work seamlessly with your trainer, veterinarian, chiropractor, farrier or acupuncturist. The equine rehab center at Circle Back Farm wants your horse competing at it's best!

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Water Treadmills for Exercising Horses

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